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Jumping Castle, Jumping Castles for Sale
Jumping Castle, Jumping Castles for Sale
Jumping Castle, Jumping Castles for Sale


Jumping Castles for sale at Happy Hop | Jumping Castles

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Safety for jumping
Outdoor loving South Africans just adore jumping castles.  These inflatable structures provide an afternoon of exhausting fun for energetic children and help to keep them busy while the moms and dads catch up over a braai. It is very difficult to monitor children when there is a bouncy castle to play on.  Children are on and o... read more
Perfect Combinations
Kids bored, hot and bothered, contact Happy Hop Durban for water slides for sale. A water slide is a fun accessory for those hot summer months. Inflatable water slides have become the next best thing to a jumping castle, keeping the kids occupied for hours on end. Combine a jumping castle with a water slide and pool and those kids will be e... read more
Transform your garden into an instant playground
An entire playground can be erected using inflatable items. Your playground could include a slide, an obstacle course, a jumping castle, a ball pool and a water slide or a combination of all. Hours of fun, laughter and healthy outdoor activity for children can be had at a cost that is very affordable. South Africa has the perfect climate ... read more