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Jumping Castle, Jumping Castles for Sale
Jumping Castle, Jumping Castles for Sale
Jumping Castle, Jumping Castles for Sale


Jumping Castles for sale at Happy Hop | Jumping Castles

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Jumping For Cash
Opening a jumping castle business is perfect for those who like to be around happy children.  It is an ideal occupation for a retiree, or a stay-at-home mom, who would like a bit of extra cash in their pocket. You can run your jumping castle business many ways, depending on how you want to run your business. You may want to run a renta... read more
Jump for Health
Definitely the best means of entertainment and enjoyment for kids at a birthday party is the jumping castle.  Jumping castles add a feeling of excitement to an ordinary birthday party making your child’s party a memorable and happy occasion. Apart from the entertainment that a jumping castle provides, it has been proven that jumping ... read more
Safety for jumping
Outdoor loving South Africans just adore jumping castles.  These inflatable structures provide an afternoon of exhausting fun for energetic children and help to keep them busy while the moms and dads catch up over a braai. It is very difficult to monitor children when there is a bouncy castle to play on.  Children are on and o... read more