Looking for that special detail to add to your special day? Whether it’s a corporate event, a church fete or fun day, even just a normal Saturday with a braai and rugby with friends, add hours of fun for your kids with a jumping castle. Look for jumping castles for sale on Happy Hop’s online shopping website. There are many outlets where you can hire inflatables castles for the day, but jumping castles are pretty affordable these days, especially if you plan on using one on a more regular basis.

A jumping castle (also known as an inflatable castle) is an inflatable structure, usually imitating the appearance of a castle and used for entertainment by young children. The castle is usually placed outdoors, and is closed on three sides where children can safely can jump about on the springy walls and floor of the interior, bouncing about like on a trampoline.
The castles can be erected with the minimum of fuss and with a few safety rules in place, you children can safely jump around to their hearts content.
We often hear children referring to them as jumping castles, regardless of whether they actually have a castle shape, as these days there are many shapes and sizes to choose from. One thing they all have in common is the capacity to thrill and entertain children of all ages for hours.

There is a large range of inflatables to choose from on the market, from an inflatable soccer field, to jumping castles with slides, pools, ball pits and obstacle courses and for those hot summer days water slides to keep cool in. A mini entertainment centre for your back garden or any event you may be hosting.
Jumping castles and inflatable amusements will make your event or party that special one to remember