The jumping castle is a huge draw card at many functions and however much fun they may be for the kids, they must be used correctly. If certain basic safety precautions are not followed, injuries can occur.  In most cases kids hurt their upper bodies or elbows when they bump into other kids or fall out of the jumping castle, so adult supervision is of  vital importance. Inflatable houses are a great way to get kids active and a manageable risk as severe injuries are significantly  less than that of a trampoline, but injuries and fractures are fairly common from inflatable house play and a responsible person needs to supervise the children at all times. Injuries inside of jumping castles often happen when kids of different sizes are jumping at the same time.
Parents are advised to separate children into groups according to age and size, and make sure each group of kids take it in turns to jump.  Also it’s more fun to have more space to jump and play and teaches a valuable lesson in how to take turns. Limit the number of children jumping in the bounce house at one time.  If the castle becomes too crowded,  kids are more likely to fall out and get hurt. In the event of an injury occurring, parents should take the child somewhere quiet and assess the extent of  the injury.  The severity of the injury will dictate whether a trip to the emergency room is required.  If the pain does not subside by the following day then a visit to the doctor would be advisable.  Common sense is the order of the day when dealing with excited, happy, active children.  By following these few easy tips your kids will be safe and secure whilst playing on their favourite inflatable castle.