Inflatable jumping castles are the latest craze for every child’s party. Jumping castles were originally available only in standard colours and cartoon characters where children could play and jump. These inflatable structures have evolved with the passage of time and are now available in variations such as inflatable water slides, slip and slide and ball pool varieties, and come in a wide variety of colours and designs. Happy Hop have a wide range of inflatable castles and even if you are looking for a jumping castles in Johannesburg, their easy on-line shopping site is a perfect way to obtain just what you are looking for.

Gone are the days when children’s lives are easy. In today’s fast paced and frenetic life, children are weighed down with their studies and homework and it is important to try and arrange fun and relaxing parties for your children. Children love to bounce and jump and what is better than organising a special jumping castle for the day.

Choose an inflatable jumping castle with a water slide to cool off on those scorching hot African days. An inflatable pool water slide will enable kids to chill out and have a blast. Together with the fun factor, the inflatable water slide jumping castle also provides a great form of exercise for the kids. Jumping releases tension, is great for cardio and generally makes kids feel great.

The added benefit of having an inflatable castle at your child’s party is that it releases parents from having to entertain the children for the entire party. Once the formalities are out of the way and the party games are played, bring on the jumping castle and sit back and relax. Apart from some vigilant supervision, a jumping castle will entertain the kids for you, freeing you up for some well-deserved R and R.

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